The performing and outreach company of  SVDA’s school

 Mission Statement:

South Valley Dance Company is a community-oriented performing company.  We are dedicated to outreach, scholarship, service, and excellence.


  1. To provide performance experience
  2. To progress to a higher level of dance
  3. To continue to foster personal growth
  4. To further dance awareness through educational programs, outreach, charitable performances and by sponsoring tickets for charitable organizations.

Requirements for acceptance of dancers:

  • A level of ability compatible with the rest of the group or higher
  • A demonstrated ability must be shown
  • A kind, respectful, and supportive attitude to all classmates, instructors, and fellow dancers.

Volunteering for the Board:

Volunteers constitute an important, and very much appreciated, segment of our Company. SVDC relies on volunteers to help with many facets of its Company; administrative, production-related, and community outreach. Such opportunities provide the non-dancers a chance to work behind the scenes and to see another side of the ballet experience. Most have found the experiences enlightening and gratifying. Students participating in volunteer projects receive credit for community service hours.

*Scholarship students and their families are expected to assist on volunteer projects.

 Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Financial aid may be awarded to qualified intermediate and advanced level students based on financial need. Written applications are required and must be submitted in the fall. Awards will be granted for the regular school year only. Re-evaluation for aid is ongoing and applicants must reapply yearly. Only students who demonstrate an exceptional aptitude for ballet, meet increasing standards of technical and artistic achievement and provide leadership by their professional attitudes, kindness, attendance, and adherence to school regulations will be considered.

Students or families of students receiving financial aid will be required to submit proof of need (we use the previous tax year) and will be required to perform in all ballet performances and outreach performances as determined by the Artistic Director. Recipients automatically forfeit financial aid if found to be working for another dance school less than 20 miles from SVDA, paying for classes and privates at another dance school, institution or with an individual while receiving financial assistance from SVDA.  

In certain cases, additional volunteer work will be required of families receiving financial aid to be agreed upon by the family and board.  10600481_673237746078385_203193855935485671_n